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Area code 805 serves Western central California

Welcome to MyCountry Mobile's website, We offer the best solution for your company's communication system with our top-notch virtual phone service. Our experience in selling virtual phone numbers is unmatched, and we can help eliminate most of the hassles you face in your company. By using our virtual phone number service for only $4.99 per month, you can ensure that your customers receive the best calling experience possible. Unlike other service providers, we understand the importance of audio calling quality that is uninterrupted and clear. With MyCountry Mobile, you won't face any of these problems, and we guarantee the best service.

Facilities you will get using a virtual phone number

You may be thinking why you should choose a business phone number or why buy one. The benefits are incomparable but the cost is negligible.

With our virtual phone service, you can easily access the phone system using only your Android device.

There’s no need for any cables or additional hardware, as everything can be managed through your device.

Landlines require the call receiver to stay at their desk to receive calls, but with our virtual phone system, you can receive calls anywhere you want, whether you’re on a tour or not.

This is especially important in today’s world where free time is scarce and taking care of one’s health is crucial.

At the same time, you can improve your business performance, increase sales, and enhance other statistics by purchasing a phone number for just $4.99.

This is the latest communication technology, particularly for businesses, and hundreds of companies are using our service continuously.

Top cities under the 805 area code

We believe you understand the significance of cities like Los Angeles, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara in terms of business. These are some of the most prominent areas in the entire US. By purchasing a 805 phone number, you can easily target these regions and expand your business.

Counties inside the 805 area

Kern County, Los Angeles County, Monterey County, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, and Ventura County are the areas covered by the 805 area code.

Choose only My country Mobile as a business phone number provider

Make sure to select MyCountry Mobile as your phone number provider to ensure you get the desired quality in your calling system. Our PBX cloud calling facilities are the fastest and ensure you receive prompt responses from the server. Our team of expert engineers, who have top-notch cutting edge experience in both hardware and software, come from all parts of the world to help you get the best service possible.

Let’s have a look at the business in these areas

manufacturing and agriculture
energy and e-commerce

Venture forth and behold, the thriving enterprises that flourish within the bustling cities and counties! Yet, do not be disheartened, for thou canst aim thy sights towards any establishment within the esteemed 805 area.

Smart Tools to Simplify Area Code 805

We provide a comprehensive enterprise mobile service system for your business that includes features such as phone viewing, phone delivery, customized voice messages, phone logs, and much more.

Enjoy all the free features- make your daily business life easier

These functions encompass the ability to seamlessly forward calls, skillfully record conversations, and adeptly wait for incoming calls.

Additionally, if you are unable to answer the call, you can always get back to the interested prospect at a later time when you are free.

With the call waiting feature in place, you can rest assured that you will never miss a call from a potential customer, thereby giving you better control over your business operations.

This feature offers the convenience of sending and receiving important documents without having to rely on traditional fax machines.

With our virtual phone system, you can enjoy unlimited calling without any time restrictions or limitations.

We take pride in providing our customers with a highly reliable communication system that guarantees an impressive uptime of 99.99% for both calls and texting services.

Our communication system allows you to easily direct calls to specific employee teams, freeing you from the hassle of managing every call yourself.

Free features that come with the phone number

We have multiple free features which can make your business more comfortable.

You will get the facilities like

Call directing

Call recording


Free cloud PBX

Call forwarding

24/7 Support

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How to get a number of 805 area code

Registering with is a breeze – simply visit our website and complete the registration process in just a few easy steps. Choose a phone number, including the desired area code, and leave the rest to us. With our user-friendly interface, registering for our service is as easy as installing an app.